கண்ணிரண்டே யாவருக்கும் கற்றோருக்கு மூன்றுவிழி!!


Dr. N. SANTHI, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,

Principal Message

Remaining green and clean, Our College strives towards the upliftment of the student community with utmost care and concern with the vision to achieve excellence in higher education, empowerment through knowledge and for the inclusive growth for social, economical, and eco-friendly sustainable development. We prefer to give priority for the integrated development of the students including academic excellence, character formation and personality development with the virtues and values of humanity. We resolve to accompany the students in their academic journey and to remain signpost to keep them on the right track. The academic performance of the students is evaluated through continuous and comprehensive assessment and the academic graph of the students is maintained and monitored by the concerned class tutors. Apart from the academic activities, we set up a lot of platforms for students to expose their talents through Fine Arts Club and they are inculcated to own the social responsibility by committing themselves for the greater benefit of the society by their contribution with Volunteer Service Associations like National Service Scheme , Youth Red Cross and Red Ripon Club. Mental health of the students is made well through Yoga Practice. Individual care is given to the needy with the support of remedial classes. Soft skill Training is given to the outgoing students to become familiar with interview skills. Placement Cell organises Special Coaching classes for the students who are preparing themselves for Group exams and Competitive exam. Sports and Games play a crucial role in the personality building of the students. Opportunities are available for the students to find out their individual identity, to make use of their capacity to the maximum and to come out with flying colours. The students are moulded and motivated with concerns of morals and ethics. We encourage students to get well rooted in discipline, behaviour and conduct with cultural values of our society.