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Admission - Government Reservation Policy

The admission shall be made purely on the basis of Merit subject to the rule of reservation of the Government of Tamil Nadu.
1) 31% for Open Competition (OC)
2) 26.5% for Backward Classes (BC) other than BC Muslims and 3.5% for Backward Classes Muslims.
3) 20% for Most Backward classes (MBC) and Denotified Communities (DNC)
4) 15% for Scheduled Castes (SC), and 3 % for Arunthathiyars (SCA).
5) 1% for Scheduled Tribes (ST)
The rule of reservation will apply to :
a) 100% of seats in Government Colleges.
However, wherever number of applications from minority communities is less than 50% of total seats, the remaining minority quota shall be filled up following the rule of reservation. Tamil Nadu native candidates alone will be considered for communal reservation. Other State candidates will be considered under “Open Competition”.