About the College

Government Arts College, Chidambaram has been started by the Government of Tamilnadu in 1982 at a crucial moment when the nearby Annamalai University suddenly suspended all it’s under graduate courses.
Chidambaram, a prominent town in the District of Cuddalore is famous for its temples and culture. It constitutes many villages and the students hailing from such villages are mostly first generation of literates in their families.
So, when there was a void created due to the abolishment of under graduate courses in the Annamalai University, the Government of Tamilnadu started this college in the old Government Hospital building for the welfare of all the students of the nearby rural community. Then, in August 1987, the college started functioning from the new building at C-Mutlur, a village away by 8 km from heart of the town.
            From that day onwards the college has been on the path of growth and development and striving towards excellence in the field of education. In the beginning, only four departments were established, namely:

1.Department of English
2.Department of Economics (Both English medium & Tamil medium)
3.Department of Commerce
4.Department of Mathematics (Both English medium & Tamil medium)

Later in the year 1987, four more departments have been started by the Government of Tamilnadu in order to fulfill the aspirations of the students for lab-oriented science courses:

1.Department of Physics (English medium)
2.Department of Chemistry (English medium)
3.Department of Botany (English medium)
4.Department of Zoology (English medium)

In the year 1999, a special drive was initiated by the Government of Tamilnadu for favouring computer education at the college level and as a result of which one more science course has been started at Government Arts College, Chidambaram.

    1.Department of Computer Science (English medium)

The College was originally affiliated to the University of Madras, Chennai. Consequent to the establishment of Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore, all the colleges of Arts and Science belonging to Cuddalore, Villupuram, Thiruvannamalai and Vellore districts have been affiliated to the Thiruvalluvar University from the academic year 2003-04. With the result, Government Arts College, Chidambaram has also been affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore.
The goals and objectives of the Institution are to improve the quality of teaching and learning process upto the national standards and to promote more effective and efficient remedial activities. It also aims to provide and promote research activities in the college with an implication in the scientific society.
The growth of the College took a big leap when the nine post graduate courses were introduced from 2005 to 2013.

    M.Sc., Chemistry (2005)
    M.A., English (2006)
    M.A., Economics (2009)
    M.Com., (2009)
    M.Sc., Physics (2009)
    M.Sc., Zoology (2011)
    M.Sc., Mathematics (2012)
    M.Sc., Botany (2013)
    M.A., Tamil (2013).

In the year 2009 two more new under graduate courses were started in Art subjects.

    B.A. Tamil

As a milestone in the success history of the college, research programmes like M.Phil and Ph.D were introduced in various Arts and Science departments from 2006-07 onwards. These courses are offered both in part time and full time basis.
At present, our college has following ongoing Ph.D., programmes in six departments.

    Ph.D., Program in Chemistry from 2006-07 (Part Time)
    Ph.D., Program in English from 2008-09
    Ph.D., Program in Chemistry from 2010-11 (Full Time)
    Ph.D., Program in Tamil from 2013-14
    Ph.D., Program in Mathematics from 2013-14
    Ph.D., Program in Botany from 2013-14
    Ph.D., Program in BBA from 2014-15

Also Our College has ongoing M.Phil., programmes in six departments.

    M.Phil. Program in Chemistry from 2008-09
    M.Phil. Program in English from 2009-10
    M.Phil. Program in Economics from 2009-10
    M.Phil. Program in Tamil from 2013-14
    M.Phil. Program in Mathematics from 2013-14
    M.Phil. Program in Botany from 2013-14.

As per the policy decision taken by the then Government of Tamilnadu, to increase the availability to more number of students, in Higher Education with existing infra structure facilities, shift system was introduced. Following four under graduate courses were started in the college as per the demands and needs of the students, on and around of Chidambaram town.

    B.A English
    B.Com (English medium)
    B.Sc Industrial Chemistry (English medium)
    B.Sc Computer Science (English medium).

To keep at par with other Colleges and Universities in India, our College due to the efforts of the then Principal, Staff and students, attained a status of excellent centre for higher learning. In May 2005, the College was accredited with ‘C’++ Grade by the NAAC.
Computer Literacy Programme was introduced by Government of Tamilnadu in order to help the Non-Computer students by providing adequate training and certificate.
From 2007 onwards the curriculum design and model adopted by the college follows Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and semester pattern. This CBCS pattern enables the students to enlighten themselves in different fields by choosing the options in the elective courses of their own interest.
Very recently, Government has sanctioned to start the following new courses from the academic year 2014-15.

    Bachelor of Computer Applications
    M.Sc  Computer Science
    M.Phil  Zoology (FT/PT)
    Ph.D  Zoology (FT/PT)

As on date our College, offers 19 undergraduate courses in Science and Arts courses in both shifts, 10 postgraduate courses in Science and Arts departments, M.Phil, programmes in 7 departments and Ph.D., research programmes in 7 departments.